Visual Art

Julie, oil pastels.
Cherry Tree, oil pastels.
Mercy, oil pastels.
Vermont Memory, oil pastels.
Peacock, oil pastels.
Second Avenue, acrylic.
Windham, New York, acrylic.
Father’s Day, ink and digital.
Favorite Novels Triptych, ink and digital.
Irises, ink and watercolor.
Monarch, ink and watercolor.
Purple Hat, Yellow Wall, watercolor.
World in His Hands, watercolor.

Billings Farm 2
Billings Farm, watercolor.

The Purple Grotto, watercolor.

Waterfall, watercolor.

Mass Ave, 1999
Mass Ave, 1999, watercolor.

Eurasian eagle owl barred owl
Eurasian Eagle Owl and Barred Owl, watercolor.

Jenna Le - Ba Ngoai
Ba Ngoai, watercolor.

Jenna Le - self-portrait.jpeg
Self-Portrait, watercolor.