Upcoming Events:

Speculative Sundays Poetry Reading Series
Sunday, 9/17/23, 7-8 PM EST

Past Events:

2020-23 virtual events:
> 5/4/23: reading, South Carolina Writers Assoc.’s “Author’s Toolbox” Series
> 4/30/23: They Rise Like a Wave anthology reading, Mass. Poetry Festival
> 3/23/23: invited speaker, American College of Radiology Poetry Night
> March 2023: “Reclaiming Meter: Metrical Strategies” panel, AWP conference
> 1/26/23: reading, Dire Literary Series
> Nov. 2022: reading, DMQ Review Virtual Salon
> 7/14/22: reading, Rutgers ISGRJ Poets and Scholars Summer Writing Retreat
> 11/22/21: classroom visit/reading at Drexel University College of Medicine
> 10/27/21: Sundress Publications’s NOMBONO anthology launch reading
> 10/3/21: Coastside Poetry’s Villanelle Salon, w/ Annie Finch & Julie Kane
> 6/16/21: Poets and Pints Reading Series
> 5/4/21: Lamont Younger Poet reading at Phillips Exeter Academy
> 4/10/21: An Amaranthine Summer anthology reading at West Chester U.
> 2/20/21: visit to Dr. Stephanie Han’s women’s creative writing workshop
> 11/1/20: Nasty Women Poets anthology reading (Cultivating Voices Series)
> 10/5/20: New York Quarterly Reading Series
> 10/3/20: Solidarity Salon Reading Series
> 6/20/20: Poetry By The Sea Conference annual award winners reading
> 5/3/20: Light Poetry Magazine Reading Series
> 4/10/20: Haymarket Books’s Choice Words anthology reading
> 4/8/20: Poetry Is Bread Reading Series

Bryant Park Reading Room poetry reading series
Bryant Park
New York, NY
W/ Mark Doty, Kay Gabriel, & Gregory Pardlo

Monday Night Poetry Reading Series
New York, NY
W/ Yerra Sugarman

Pete’s Big Salmon Reading Series
Pete’s Candy Store
Brooklyn, NY
W/ Dennis Nurkse & Sarah Sarai

Banquet awards reading at the Poetry By The Sea conference
Mercy Center
Madison, CT
W / Matt W. Miller

Monadnock Writers’ Group feature reading
Peterborough Town Library
Peterborough, NH

Toadstool Bookshop
Peterborough, NH

Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) conference, Portland, OR
> 3/27/19: Juked/Tahoma Literary Rev./Ruminate off-site reading, Cup & Bar
> 3/27/19: Zoetic Press off-site reading, Rontoms
> 3/29/19: Hopkins Review/Literary Matters off-site reading, Doug Fir Lounge
> 3/29/19: W. Humanities Rev./Denver Qtly./Salt Hill off-site reading, Slide Inn
> 3/30/19: “Immigrant Legacies in American Poetry” panel, OR Conv. Ctr., B113
> 3/30/19: Poetry By The Sea off-site reading, Bunk Sandwiches

Autumn Oracles reading series feature reading
Del Rossi’s Trattoria
Dublin, NH
W/ Ellen Doré Watson

Poems in the Aftermath anthology reading
Porter Square Books
Cambridge, MA
W/ Robert Carr, Tom Daley, Lisa DeSiro, Amy Gordon, Judith Hoyer, Sarah Snyder, & Cammy Thomas

Classroom visit
Phillips Exeter Academy
Exeter, NH

Poetry By the Sea Conference, Mercy Center, Madison, CT
> 5/23/18: “Poets and Work” panel, w/ John Foy & Sally Nacker (moderators), Michael Brown, & Laurel Peterson
> 5/24/18: Nasty Women Poets anthology reading, w/ Julie Kane (ed.), Melissa Balmain, Patricia Behrens, Kim Bridgford, Maryann Corbett, Barbara Crooker, Anna Evans, Annie Finch, Allison Joseph, Marilyn Taylor, & Pat Valdata

Indolent Books reading at the Word for Word reading series in Bryant Park
New York, NY
W/ Lisa Andrews, Nicole Callihan, John Deming, & Karen Hildebrand

Nasty Women Poets anthology reading at the Massachusetts Poetry Festival
Hawthorne Hotel
Salem, MA
(Moderator) w/ Janet Aalfs, Liz Ahl, DeMisty Bellinger, & Leslea Newman

Newburyport Literary Festival reading
Central Congregational Church
Newburyport, MA
W/ Duy Doan

NHTI Celebration of Poetry feature reading
NHTI, Concord’s Community College
Concord, NH

Two Countries: US Daughters & Sons of Immigrant Parents anthology reading
Bluestockings Bookstore
New York, NY
W/ Danushka Goska, David Licata, Timothy Liu, Lis von Uhl, Denise Valenti, Alexandrine Vo, & Aida Zilelian

Classroom visit, followed by Eagle Pond Authors’ Series feature reading
Silver Center for the Arts, Plymouth State University
Plymouth, NH

“Women From Away” Panel/Reading at the New Hampshire Poetry Festival
New Hampshire Institute of Art
Manchester, NH
W/ Liz Ahl and Suzanne Rogier Marshall

Hyla Brook Reading Series feature reading
Robert Frost Farm
Derry, NH

Classroom visit
New Hampton School
New Hampton, NH

Poetry Society of New Hampshire quarterly meeting feature reading
Gibson’s Bookstore
Concord, NH

The Saint Ann’s Review Reading
BookCourt bookstore
Brooklyn, NY
W/ Danielle Blau, Alix Ohlin, & Glen Pourciau

Multi/Inter: A Panel on Multilingual and International Literature in Queens
Queens Museum
Corona, NY
W/ Catherine Fletcher (moderator), Nancy Agabian, Malcolm Chang, Jackie de Dios, Becky Band Jain, Giedra Kregzdys, & Sokunthary Svay

New Books Reading/Panel at the Poetry by the Sea Conference
Mercy Center
Madison, CT
W/ Sally Nacker (moderator), Anne Higgins, Jan Hodge, & Wendy Videlock

St. Louis Poetry Center’s Observable Reading Series
Dressel’s Public House
St. Louis, MO
W/ Nathaniel Farrell & Graham Foust

Pete’s Big Salmon Reading Series
Pete’s Candy Store
Brooklyn, NY
W/ Tonya Foster & Rosanna Oh

Red Harlem Reading Series
New York, NY
W/ Austin Allen, Bridget Sprouls, & Anton Yakovlev

New York Quarterly Reading Series
Bowery Poetry Club
New York, NY
W/ Raymond Hammond, Diane Lockward, & Douglas Treem

Mezzo Cammin Reading/Panel at the Poetry by the Sea Conference
Mercy Center
Madison, CT
W/ Kim Bridgford (moderator), Anne-Marie Thompson, & Chelsea Woodard

BookCourt bookstore
Brooklyn, NY
W/ Raul Clement, Okla Elliott, & Anton Yakovlev

The Village Voice Poetry Reading
New York, NY
W/ Priscilla Becker, John Foy, George Green, Jessica Greenbaum, Rachel Hadas, Adam Kirsch, Quincy R. Lehr, Dennis Nurkse, Geoffrey O’Brien, V. Penelope Pelizzon, John Marcus Powell, Nicole Sealey, & Monica Youn

Prelude Reading
Bowery Poetry Club
New York, NY
W/ Jameson Fitzpatrick, Alice Gribbin, Willis Plummer, John Rufo, & Emily Swanson

Dead Rabbits Reading Series
DTUT Bar & Cafe
New York, NY
W/ James Hoch, Leigh Stein, Michelle Burk, Tara Isabella Burton, & Molly Goldman

Carmine Street Metrics Reading Series
Dream Baby Bar & Cocktail Parlour
New York, NY
W/ Charles Martin

Newtown Literary Reading
Astoria Bookshop
Astoria, NY
W/ Nancy Agabian, Shelley Ettinger, Jared Harel, & Norman Stock

Salon at a private residence
Astoria, NY
W/ Cathy Linh Che

New York Quarterly Reading Series
Bowery Poetry Club
New York, NY
W/ Michael Montlack, Shelley Stenhouse, & Matthew Yeager

Genius Reading
Halyards Bar
Brooklyn, NY
W/ Adam Fitzgerald, Harmony Holiday, Joshua Mehigan, & Abiodun Oyewole

New York Quarterly Reading Series
Cornelia Street Cafe
New York, NY
W/ Perry S. Nicholas & Marc Tretin

Genius Reading at the New York City Poetry Festival
Governor’s Island
New York, NY
W/ Austin Allen, Joshua Mehigan, & Katherine Robinson

Bellevue Literary Review Reading
Bellevue Hospital
New York, NY
W/ Edward Hamlin, Catherine Lewis, & Gardner McFall

New York Quarterly Reading at the New York City Poetry Festival
Governor’s Island
New York, NY
W/ Amanda J. Bradley, Monique Ferrell, Tony Gloeggler, & Ted Jonathan

New York Quarterly Reading Series
Cornelia Street Cafe
New York, NY
W/ Amanda J. Bradley & Gordon Massman

New York Quarterly Reading Series
Cornelia Street Cafe
New York, NY
W/ Talia Bloch & Ted Jonathan

me reading for the Village Voice at KGB Bar '15 - cover photo

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